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Improve the quality of your home video content

If you need to improve the quality of your home videos, then please check this out. Matt Masson and I have put together a high impact course for you. Whether it is just for webinars or because you are recording and presenting videos for your job, this short course will help you improve the quality of your video immediately and dramatically.

We have added six new bonus modules to the original 3 modules promoted in this video, covering all aspects of setting up cameras, phones, laptops, audio, lighting and staging, with bonus modules on top tips for presenting to camera.

We are charging a small amount for the course (this is how we feed our families), but if you can't afford that, please let us know and we will give you a voucher. Honestly, no questions asked, we will.

The course is Matt and Graeme's Guide to Home Video Content Creation, and can be found at https://workfromhome-disruption.mykajabi.com/

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