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ThrowForward Thursday: Ep 120: Magic Materials, Goretex and playing around

This is the first full episode of Season 4 of ThrowForward Thursday. This season, we will keep the videos shorter, so they can be used in your "Five Minutes from the Future" sessions. And they will be followed (next week) by a discussion guide to help you and your team implement the Futurist Skillset we touch on in today's episode.

This episode is about future materials - for everything from construction to clothing - and how we're going to find new materials with remarkable properties. I take you back in time to how we turned Teflon into waterproof clothing, just by playing around in a lab; and look forward to how you and your team should be playing around with the raw materials of your industry.

To get early access to next week's discussion guide and resource about experimentation, make sure you join my Futures Club at

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