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ThrowForward Thursday 98: The Ocean CleanUp Project

Our waterways and oceans are being polluted at unprecedented rates. But there are some glimmers of hope - one of those is The Ocean CleanUp Project, started by a young man, Boyan Slat. They've just announced that they've removed more than 200 tons of plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. That's hardly a dent in the estimated 90,000 tons of plastic floating in that garbage patch - but it's better than doing nothing. And one day, it might just have succeeded in cleaning it up completely.

Join us next week as we discuss what we can learn from the inspirational example of a young man who wasn't scared to have a ridiculous idea, to experiment with ways of making it work, and of building a business that does good in the world. Members of my Futures Club will get additional, exclusive insights, tools and resources to help them apply this to their own businesses. Sign up now at:

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