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ThrowForward Thursday 89: Smart Sleep Part 2 - applying the scenario to your business

In Season 3 of ThrowForward Thursday, we will be helping you to apply our mini future scenarios. Every second week, we'll introduce a new idea from the future, as we normally do. The week after, we will revisit the scenario, extracting the principles and helping you see how to apply it to your industry and work.

Today, we look back at the last week's "Smart Sleep" episode (watch it here if you haven't done so yet:, and find the principles of data analytics, personalisation and optimisation. ACTION STEPS:

* Whatever your role in your current business, show your team the first video on Smart Sleep, and then guide them through a conversation about the three key principles we extracted: data analytics, personalisation and optimisation.

* Ask yourself and your team: - What data would we find incredibly valuable if we could collect it?

- If we had that data, what types of personalisation could we develop for the people who use what we do (whether they're customers, clients, business partners, business units, colleagues, etc)?

- How could we improve their lives by being more proactive, optimising what we do and pre-empting their requests?

Having conversations like this is how you will learn to "think like a futurist" and develop strategic imagination. These are essential skills for you and your whole team to use in our fast moving, ever changing world.

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