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Throwforward Thursday 87: Develop Your Strategic Imagination

Every week for the last year and a half our team has produced a short video that highlights a future trend or disruptive force that could change the world. The invitation to you and your team is to watch this video and imagine how it might impact your industry, your market and bring threats and opportunities to your products and services.

Sometimes that's easy and obvious to do. But most often it isn't. Our brains are just not programmed for Strategic Imagination.

And so, from February we are going to change the format of these Throwforward Thursday videos. One week we will share a future trend as we normally do; the next week, we will unpack the implications of that trend and show you how you can apply it to your organisation or function.

We believe that the ability to do this is an absolutely essential skill for every member of your team to develop. This is not just for senior leaders or people who develop the strategy - it's a skill for everyone. We hope that you'll take time to watch our videos each week, and discuss them with your team - not just for some ideas of what the world of the future will look like, but also to intentionally develop your strategic imaginations, and unlock your team's foresight and future-awareness. You won't regret it, and it will take less than 10 minutes a week to do.

Here's a quick video explaining the idea, and hopefully getting you excited for this new approach we will be taking from next month.

By the way, as always, if you'd like to send us a message, or have a suggestion or request for a specific topic or trend, please use to leave a voice, video or text note for our team.

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