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Throwforward Thursday 86: Smart Bandages & Preventative Healthcare - smart tech to change the world

Apologies for the delay in posting this video meant for 12 Jan 2023. I've actually been in hospital myself, and my team was on holiday until today. This was pre-recorded, but the content strangely appropriate as we consider how to proactively and preventatively take care of ourselves. We don't have to jump too far into the future to imagine a healthcare system that integrates smart technology with AI and machine learning to produce health care apparatus, some as simple as plasters and bandages, that are able to provide significant upgrades to the care we are currently able to receive while injured. But the point of this video is less about impressing you with visions of medical futures, and more about reminding you that seemingly small and technologically easy advances in almost every industry are going to make very big differences to our lives in the next few years. The rest of the 2020s is going to be a mind blowing blur of these small, but world-changing, advances. What can you imagine for your industry, and which of those ideas could you start to experiment with in 2023?

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