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Throwforward Thursday 84: Food in the future

As we spend this last week of December battling to remember what day of the week it is, and finally finishing off the leftovers from our Christmas meal, here's a quick thought about food in the future.

We will definitely be able to get more and more nutrients from pills, smart medicine and artificial sources. Part of the drive to do this is to reduce our impact on the planet by way of factory farming. But, at the same time, food is not merely about nutrition - it's also an experience and a time of potential human interaction. That will never go away, but maybe in the future we will be more intentional about which version of meals we choose: some will be for nutrition only, and some will be for enjoyment and socialisation.

Whichever versions you still have left in 2022, the team at ThrowForward Thursday wishes you all the very best for the new year. We will see you next week in 2023.

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