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ThrowForward Thursday 152: The 3D Strategy Framework

We are still taking a break from our regular future scenarios, while my colleague Buhle Dlamini and I share an our new podcast, The TomorrowToday Podcast with you. We are looking at the characteristics of future-ready organisations, and in Episode 2 we hear from Dean van Leeuwen about the Three Dimensional Strategy Framework.

A 3D strategy has three distinct elements: (1) a strategic foundation that aligns purpose, values and a true north, (2) strategic essentials required to compete well, and (3) strategic differentiators that elevate your performance. Most companies focus just the second dimension, asking what we have to do to compete well and be effective and efficient. But to be future-ready, the foundations need to be aligned with elements that will really set you apart from others in your industry, not just now but in the foreseeable future and beyond.

This is a brief excerpt from the full episode. You can sign up to listen to The TomorrowToday Podcast wherever you get your podcasts, and listen to the full Episode 2 with Dean and Buhle and myself.

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