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ThrowForward Thursday 134: Democracy in the workplace

Imagine we voted for the managers of our teams at work. Imagine our workplaces worked like democracies should.

Today's episode has a bit of an activist and culture war tone about it, as I suggest that one possible future for corporations is being more democratic. You see, here's the problem: while the corporation is the cornerstone of Western democratic capitalism, there is almost no democracy in our workplaces at all. We don't vote for who our managers should be. We don't vote for how much we should be paid. We are hardly even consulted about strategy or what products and services we should sell to clients.

Why not?

In a democratic world that glorifies individual freedom and the rights to self-determination, why is the corporation so authoritarian, class-based and anti-democratic.

I really do believe that this is one of the keys to building the organisation of the future. I hope this video gets you thinking about ways you can change and improve your workplace today.

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