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ThrowForward Thursday 105: AI Virtual Assistants - what they'll be like & why we don't have them yet

We know that AI is coming. This year has shown us a vision of what's possible with Generative AI - but these technologies are not going to deliver on this visions. I say that confidently - they are not really AI. In fact, they might tempt some businesses into really bad decisions about how they use their people and systems - mistakes will be made.

So, smart business leaders must rather use the glimpses of the future that ChatGPT, Bard, Bing and GenAI tech have given us, to accelerate the strategic conversations about building truly bionic businesses. Bionic means that humans and machines are integrated, bringing out the best in each other, and building a system that is better than both would be on their own.

What does this mean in your business? Can you see beyond the hype of these early systems and imagine what a bionic future looks like? Let our team at TomorrowToday guide you as you think about this.

You can sign up for my webinar next week - details here:

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