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ThrowForward Thursday 100: 21 Predictions for the World of 2123

For our special 100th episode of ThrowForward Thursday, we jump forward a century and imagine 21 scenarios of what life might be like. These are not fanciful science fiction scenarios of flying cars or robot assistants (those will be old news in a century anyway), but rather our team's best scenarios for realistic but significant change to the way we live and work. Come with us to imagine a world of free and clean energy, where our understanding of dark matter has helped us to a giant leap forward in science. Marvel with us at the medical advances that have doubled life expectancy, integrated humans and machines, given people the choice of when to end life, but has also changed politics forever - we now have a young/old divide rather than a conservative/progressive one. We don't believe that there will be colonies off planet, but there will certainly be scientific bases on the moon and Mars, and maybe even further into space. There won't be banks or money - not as we know them today. There won't be cryptocurrency over. In fact, we will have a whole new political and economic system. And maybe - just maybe, if we dare to dream - we can imagine a world without war. All this and more in just 21 minutes. 21 scenarios for 2123. Imagine tomorrow's world, and start building it today. Join Graeme Codrington's Futures Club here:

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