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Throwforward Thursday 10: Political Revolutions

We are at the end of an era... do we really need to burn everything to start the next one?

It seems that way. All around the world, we are seeing riots and upheaval. This episode was recorded on 15 July 2021, and right now there are significant riots happening in Cuba, Argentina, Haiti, France, Turkey, Afghanistan, South Africa, Ethiopia, India, eSwatini and elsewhere. This past year have seen riots in the USA, Israel and Palestine, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Belarus, Lithuania, Brazil and elsewhere. And if we look back over the past 3 to 5 years, the list more than triples.

At the same time, many countries in the world now have the oldest leaders in office they've ever had, and many of these countries' leaders are outstaying their welcomes. It's mainly because the current political systems refuse to give up power.

This is a slightly different Throwforward Thursday that outlines where we are in history, and what's likely to happen next.


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