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Overviews of our Best Presentations and Workshops

These are most requested sessions from our clients over the past few months:

Same Planet, Different World

The TomorrowToday Global team presents "Same Planet, Different World" as a keynote or workshop. It will help you and your team to anticipate disruption, prepare for the post-Covid realities in our world and your market, and ensure your team is equipped to deal with whatever comes your way next.


We are struggling to make decisions, to separate fake news from reality, and most significantly, we are battling to "think again". We need to be much better at seeing the changes taking place in our marketplaces, our industries and the world around us in a way that helps us make better strategic decisions and be more responsive to change.

"Re-Imagine" is a new program from the team at TomorrowToday Global aimed at upgrading your team's ability to make sense of the world, make better decisions - even when we have less information and certainty than ever before, and be confident that they're not missing vital insights and information.

Building Healthy Hybrid Teams

We are never going back to our offices and workplaces as they used to be. We might not work from home forever, but we need to get used to working from anywhere and being a lot more flexible than before. The TomorrowToday Global team has identified five key ingredients that every team needs in order to be healthy, productive, engaged and happy.

Leading in a ChangING/ED World

A few years ago, Keith Coats and Graeme Codrington, wrote a book called "Leading in a Changing World". The key theme of the book was that we need to be prepared for disruptive forces that are coming our way, even though we might not know what they are. Covid proved that we were right about disruption. And our book has helped many leaders navigate the Lockdown. Now, though, we need to help leaders and their organisations deal with a world that has changed. This presentation or workshop looks at three key questions (and provides answers to each): 1. What just happened (and could we have done better to anticipate it)? 2. What now? What do we need to rethink and unlearn. 3. What next? How do we build adaptability into our systems, so we can deal with whatever disrupts us next.

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