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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I have been very concerned this past week about how countries are going about easing out of Lockdown. New Zealand is leading the way, by removing most restrictions, but still not allowing international travel. Western Australia are essentially doing the same. At last, an upside of being isolated from the world. Let’s hope it works.

Sweden, the long time darling of anti Lockdowners, has come out and said they made a mistake by not Locking down enough earlier. Let’s hope that puts that narrative to bed then.

America is not doing well. Georgia and Ohio aside, other states that have opened back up have seen massive spikes in infections - so much so that the Stock market crashed by 7% on Thursday in response to the news. The attached article is really worth reading about the USA.

Quote: Covid-19 hospitalizations are rising in Arizona, the Carolinas, Utah, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, and perhaps Florida. Those states are also seeing higher numbers of positive Covid-19 tests, as well as increases in the percentage of tests that come back positive.

The key to easing out of Lockdown remains simple: limit and minimise your contact with other people.

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