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Lockdown Reflections Day 9: Safe, not stuck

I am not stuck at home. I am safe at home.

Not everyone is that privileged.

It’s rained all night. So much so that my garden is waterlogged. Other people are wet and cold and have had their homes washed away.

If we don’t go shopping soon, we’ll be eating leftovers and scraps. We can go shopping anytime we like, in a car with a credit card. Other people not only don’t have money to buy goods, they don’t have shops near them or a means to get there. And they’ll be harassed by the military if they try.

I’m writing this on an iPhone. And will upload it via fibre WiFi. My daughters use this internet setup to do their remote studies and connect with friends. Other people have ancient phones, no computers and their data packages will run out soon. We can’t just say, “put school online and carry on”.

It’s cold outside now, so I’ve switched on the heater. And found a winter jumper. And I might lie in bed a bit longer and listen to another podcast or some more music before I get up. It’s the weekend after all.

Other people are not as privileged.

I am not stuck at home. I am safe at home.

That needs to be true for everyone. Otherwise we are not really a society after all.

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