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LOCKDOWN REFLECTIONS DAY 81: Help someone else

Many people are desperate. They’re despairing for their jobs and income. They’re worried about the health impact of the spread of Covid. They’re struggling to see what the future might hold - and every glimpse they get looks bad. There doesn’t seem to be anything good ahead.

I have felt like that on and off over the past few weeks. I get it.

One of the best ways to counter these feelings is to do something for someone else. No, this is not a cure-all solution, and no it won’t fix the world’s problems (well, it might fix one or two problems and if we all did this, think what might happen). Yes, I believe it might just be this simple: do something for someone else.

Find someone who needs something, and help them get what they need. Even if you can’t do it for them yourself, tap into your network to find a solution.

I am convinced it will make the world a better place, and it will really help you too. A win win. Go on. Try it. Tell me what happens when you do.

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