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Today felt long and tough. It wasn’t really. I have a job, and a lovely house. I have food, and even managed to get a bottle or two of gin this week, so can even have sundowners. The weather is wonderful. My house is warm. I have a choice of clothes. I have good WiFi, running water, electricity (and a generator if government supplies are cut). I am locked down with the people I love the most in the world. I spent the day doing a bit of work, then some housework, then some relaxing. I built LEGO with my daughter. I’ve spent the evening watching a movie with my wife. I’ll go running with another of my daughters tomorrow. We are having a family quiz tomorrow.

My list of things I am grateful for is long, and highlights my privilege.

Even so I feel sad today, and I don’t really know why. I could try and look good and say I am sad for the world. I think that’s partly true. But honestly, I’m just sad. The world is a mess, and I am struggling to see how we fix it. I despair even trying to work out where to start.

We need strong leaders - yet I see is people looking out for themselves. We need brave voices - yet what I hear is shouting. We need smart people coming up with solutions - yet I experience the entrenchment of polarised ideals. I should probably watch less news at the moment.

I’ll bounce back by Monday and try and be part of the solution again, and make sure this sadness turns to positive action. Today, though, I have been sad. Just sad.

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