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We all have difficult choices lying ahead of us in the next few days and weeks. Do I go back to work or not? Do I send the kids to school or not? Do I risk going on public transport? Can I afford not to? How do we start up the business again? Can we afford to? Should I return home? Should I visit that family member?

Let's all keep three things in mind as we make these decisions:

1. It's not just about us - it's about everyone else as well. A simple example: if you feel a bit sick and have a temperature, it really isn't a choice - you cannot go to work or school. Each of us must think of everyone else as well as ourselves.

2. We should each act as if we have Covid and everyone else does not. And we should also act as if everyone else has Covid and we don't. We shouldn't do this in fear, but rather just out of an abundance of caution as we interact with others. Protect yourself from others, and protect others from you.

3. We should not judge the decisions people might make, as long as they're not putting others at risk. We don't know what other people are dealing with, what complications exist in their world, what difficulties they're facing and complexities they're juggling. Let's continue to show compassion and care, rather than judgement and scorn.

Let us each be the best person we can be in the next few days and weeks, and assume that others are trying to be the same.

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