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LOCKDOWN REFLECTIONS DAY 49: Don’t make big decisions under stress

We are all stressed right now. For different reasons, we are all experiencing deep levels of trauma. That’s not an overstatement for effect. What is happening around us and to us is traumatic.

Just a simple reminder then to not make massive life decisions while you’re in this state. I am sensing people evaluating their long term relationships, their jobs, their life choices, where they live, who they live with, career options and more. Sure, many things will change because of Covid. And this crisis time is shining a spotlight on our lives in ways that are quite revealing of possibly hidden truths.

But maybe I can rewrite that last sentence as: revealing of hidden possibly-truths.

You see, when you’re stressed and traumatised, you literally don’t see the world properly. Your brain doesn’t process things accurately. And your decision making will be sub optimal.

Keep that in mind. Don’t make a decision now that you will regret later. Give yourself permission to live in the not-knowing moment, in this time-between-times, without committing to a new course just yet, especially if that new course involves significant change with the potential for broken relationships, broken dreams and broken promises.

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