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Lockdown Reflections Day 29

After South Africa’s President outlined last night what the next phase of Covid response will look like (five levels that the country can move up and down between in a dynamic way until we find a cure or develop herd immunity), I was reminded again of Winston Churchill’s words after a decisive victory against Rommel in Africa in World War II:

“I have never promised anything but blood, tears, toil and sweat. Now, however, we have a new experience: we have a victory. ... This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps the end of the beginning.”

Listen to an extract at

I think we might just be at the end of the beginning of dealing with Covid-19. We haven’t won the war yet, but we should recognise the small victory and celebrate it. And now return again to the battle. A new battle. Our first battle is won.

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