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Lockdown Reflections Day 28

I cannot say this better than Mandy Collins, so let me just repeat what she said a few days ago:

“I said to Daughter One this morning - and it's certainly true for me - that the Covid-19 anxiety is like a rip tide. It's not always visible, but it's there all the time and it threatens to pull you under at any point.

And the thing with a rip tide, is that if you try to swim against it, you just wear yourself out, and may drown. So the first thing to do is to stay calm and conserve your energy.

The second thing to do is to alert someone that you need help, and to swim parallel to the beach if you can, until someone qualified can rescue you.

But if that isn't an option, do what my grandfather once did, relax into the current. Float on your back to conserve your strength. Keep your head above water, and let the current wash you up further down the coastline. It might not be the same beach you left from, but you'll be okay. You can find your way back.”

Thanks, Mandy.

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