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Lockdown Reflections Day 24

I have been hearing from many parents with school aged children that they are struggling with home schooling.

So much so, that I recorded a video to help them. It turns out, it is 20 minutes long, but I hope it will be helpful. Please share it with any friends or family who are struggling: https://youtu.be/-DK9iuW0Eow

The three main priorities for parents and their children right now - IN THIS ORDER:

1. Ensure the physical, mental and psychological health of yourself and your family.

2. Help your children to love learning.

3. Help your children to learn.

Most (good) teachers are brilliant at doing all three of these things for your children when they're in the classroom. Most teachers are not so good at helping you to do this via a virtual classroom - they're scrambling as much as the rest of us right now.

I provide a lot of practical ideas about what you can do as a parent, and give some comfort to those who are struggling. Please share the video.

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