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Lockdown Reflections Day 18

This coming week is going to be about checking in with people.

I have spent the past few weeks working hard to get my home studio in tip top shape. To be honest, our team at TomorrowToday has been doing this for a few years now; Covid-19 just gave us the final shove to go all-in with a digital and distance strategy.

I have actually been working really hard, and have a nice list of companies and clients who are keen to hear our team’s scenarios for the next few weeks and months, and who need assistance dealing with disruption. Again, this is what we’ve been doing for nearly 20 years; Covid-19 has just made our message more relevant than ever.

But this week, I want to be a bit more focused on connecting. I want to check in with friends and family and just have a chat. I want to experiment with playing games with mates (we are going to try Catan with some mates via FaceTime and see what happens). We are going to do a virtual wine tasting session with some friends who have the same wine available as we do. We might share a meal or two with another family, via Zoom. I am going to try and connect with a few people that might not have a lot of people to connect with.

I am really not that good at connecting with people. I hardly ever just phone people to chat - even my own family. But I am going to try this week and see what happens. If Covid-19 has the potential to reset the world, maybe it also has the potential to reset relationships.

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