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Lockdown Reflections Day 10

I listen to a lot of podcasts and audio books. I listen in my car (well, not this past week). As a solo long distance runner, I listen while I run (again, not this past week). And I listen as part of my job.

I am loving seeing people find podcasts, online books and webinars, as well as online self development courses during lockdown. I am loving how a lot of these have been made free (many were cheap or free already).

The digital world has been opening up learning and for at least a decade has provided a platform that is changing education forever. But until a week ago, many people had not embraced it. They were stuck thinking that the old approaches to education and training were the best, and digital was somehow naturally inferior. Lockdown is giving them a once in a lifetime chance to change their minds about this.

Many people who work in corporates have also gotten used to someone else guiding their learning and development. So, they haven’t been taking responsibility for self development. Now they can. Now they have to. And they’re really enjoying it. And finding out how much good content is available (and how much rubbish too).

Let’s keep learning and developing, and continue this grand experiment of personal growth in the weeks ahead.



Lots of people are asking for recommendations. That’s almost impossible because of the vast array of options, and the variations of personal tastes.

But, since you asked, here is what is working for me by way of podcasts: * Pod Save the World * Malcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History * The Daily (New York Times) * Late Night with Seth Meyers * You’re Dead to me (history podcast) * In Our Time (BBC Radio 4) * America Dissected: Coronavirus * Making Sense with Sam Harris * The Robcast by Rob Bell

Webinars and online resources: * Singularity University * Masterclass

Then, if I can be so bold, our team is starting a series of free webinars this coming week, so would recommend you check out:


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