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Lockdown Reflection Day 7

The end of week one. Most people I am locked down with (we have members of two other families with us) have coped well so far.

As expected, the extroverts are struggling most. I have two in my household and as scintillating as my company is (haha) they’re desperate for real human interaction. They’re literally lining up to do the next shopping run, just to chat to the security guards and cashiers. I pity the people the stand next to them in the queue.

But my reflection today is that life carries on. Today is World Autism Awareness Day. My daughter (See picture), Rebecca has autism, and not being able to get out the house and do her normal routine of seeing therapists, yoga, music, meeting her best friend, etc, is distressing for her. We are doing our best to do a lot of those activities online. And tomorrow we are creating a movie experience for her, complete with movie tickets, a popcorn and sweets counter and a big screen dvd experience. Life must go on.

Tomorrow is my father’s birthday. There are anniversaries and will be births and deaths too. There were weddings and special events planned. Somehow we must still celebrate and mark these moments. Life must go on.

And life will go on. Life MUST go on. But life is not something else. Life is simply what we actually do. You can’t wait for “life”. You just do life by doing things. So live your life. Live this life you have. Because... life must go on.

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