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Future of Work Podcast: Episode 09: Three Skills for a Changing World

The 2020s will be a decade of disruptive change from beginning to end. To succeed in an environment of continuous, structural change, we need to develop new technical skills, new adaptive abilities and upgrade our mindset to one that looks for opportunities in disruption. This episode of Graeme Codrington's Future of Work podcast includes the audio of a live presentation Graeme presented a few months ago, outlining these three key skills we need to develop.

Graeme also answers your questions. This week: How do I ensure virtual delegates feel included in a hybrid event. Graeme has a top tip for you. Don't forget that you can ask Graeme any question, and he will answer it on the podcast:


If you would like a copy of the slides Graeme used in his presentation, just drop Graeme an email, with the Subject Line: Podcast Episode 9 slides.

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