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Future of Work Podcast: Ep 08: Virtual Team Icebreakers

Updated: May 31, 2021

Creating opportunities for human connections in your virtual meetings

We need to build our virtual team cultures with deliberate and intentional activities that connect us. They might be a bit cheesy, but virtual ice breakers can make a real difference to our sense of connection and belonging as teams. In this episode, I give you more than 20 ideas for creating virtual connection opportunities. In less than 20 minutes! With a vast majority of businesses resorting to virtual working practices, employees and working professionals today are in dire need of better ways of connecting. Moreover, from its research, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information provides data to back the fact that building practical team-building skills can significantly boost our performance levels.

In this episode, I share more than 20 top, practical and intentional activities with you to reinvent virtual team cultures and make a real difference in our working lives!

The following are a few ways by which you could create opportunities for human connection in virtual meetings-

1. Conducting ice-breaking meetings wherein participants are informed in advance about the questions that will be asked.

2. Virtual quizzes, polls, and response-gathering to increase people’s engagement.

3. Using emoji check-ins and single-word mood descriptions to help people express their mental state better while revealing less about their problem.

4. Holding video meetings where people can see each other.

5. Asking people to change zoom backgrounds to places they want to be in.

6. Using Miroboards, Jamboards, concept boards, etc., or just a Shared Document.

7. Asking Yes/No questions to collect people’s feedback and responses.

8. And much more!

We also introduce a new feature to the podcast: your questions answered. To send me a question that you'd like me to answer about the future of work, go to:

SHOWNOTES - great websites for virtual icebreaker ideas:

Using Miroboards, jamboards, etc, or just a Shared Document:

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