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Expert on top, fun down below

Thank you to ITOO Specialist Risks (see @itooclassics on Facebook) for including me in your staff and broker webinar session this morning.

We had a bit of fun, with an "expert up top, fun down below" request. I took that seriously - more expert than I normally am (I don't wear ties) and more fun down below too. And you can see from the photo that what I put in my coffee mug at home is slightly different from what I drink when I am at client's offices for events.

I also want to give huge kudos to ITOO. They have deliberately included external speakers in their webinar series, and are paying us to do this. They said specifically that they want to do this to support us, because they know how much this Covid-19 crisis is impacting our industry. They do events insurance, so it is hitting them hard too, but they do understand that even if I am at home in these ridiculous shorts, I am adding value and should be paid.

Thanks, Tové, Justin and the rest of the team for a really great session this morning.

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