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Easy Future Conversations 3: Investing 101 = Diversify (but in new ways)

In this mini-series of videos, my mate, Carel Nolte and I talk about the future of investment, the importance of wealth creation and I get to dig into some of Carel's insights from his work at Easy Equities (a South African investment platform that you can check out here: - no obligations, but full disclosure: I earn about $2.50 if you activate an account after you've had a look). We also talk about wine, because Carel and I never talk seriously about anything without wine... This is our third conversation, and Carel suggested we go back to the basics - to the very foundational principle of investing: DIVERSIFY. But he explains (in between sips of a fantastic red blend wine with lots of interesting, diverse grape varietals in it - see what we did there...), that maybe diversification can mean something different now than it did in the past. I hope you're enjoying these conversations as much as I did when I had them with Carel.

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