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Conspiracy Theories... Make it stop!

Once again, for those people who are concerned about 5G technology, here are the results of global research by the International Body responsible for studying and regulating these issues. See a good summary here:

Quote from the article:

“5G is safe, according to the international body in charge of setting limits on exposure to radiation, which has updated its advisory guidelines for the first time in more than 20 years.

The International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the Germany-based scientific body that assesses the health risks of radio broadcasts... has updated their guidelines to include the new 100 to 300Ghz range.

5G base stations emit EMR (electromagnetic radiation) at about 1% of the recommended maximum exposure for human beings. Regular 5G usage will similarly expose users to around 1% of the recommended maximum exposure.

“Despite the overwhelming evidence that 5G, like earlier mobile standards, is safe for the public, a large community of sceptics fear it will cause – or already is causing – health problems, including, supposedly, coronavirus. There is no evidence to support a link between the two.”

My additional comment, not from their report is this: even if a few people in the world have an increased sensitivity to EMR and even if some people might be exposed to some levels of danger in 5G technology (they are not, according to this report, but even assuming they are), we still need to evaluate the value of the technology against this (slight) risk. We do that everyday when we use all sorts of objects around us.

By the way, your wifi router in your house uses the same millimetre waves as 5G technology. So if you are opposed to 5G, I hope you don’t use a WiFi router at home. Oh wait...

If you are opposed to 5G, you should also be opposed to knives, fire, motor cars, motor bikes, boats, planes, swimming pools, elevators, escalators, shoelaces, alcohol, scissors, oxygen, cigarettes, meat, nuts, electricity, animals, snow, ice skating, marathon running, wifi, coffee, child birth, children, hospitals and pretty much everything else in the world. There is nothing in this world that is “without risk”.

The question is “is it worth it”. Studies available on have been looking at this for over 50 years. 30,000+ studies, including 300+ on 5G specifically, and the answer is a resounding YES. And now the international body that was set up to protect us as humans has also deemed it safe.

If you still disagree with that, then you also just need to admit that you will believe anything, and that you are not open to science. Of course there are videos available of people saying how scary 5G is. Some of those videos are made by people who believe the British Royal family are literally lizards in human skin, so excuse me if I don’t take them too seriously. If you disagree with 30,000 peer reviews studies and the international body assigned to managing these standards, please don’t just come with a gut feel and a youTube video. Please bring verifiable evidence and scientific facts to the discussion.

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