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Customised for you and your industry

Graeme never delivers a generic presentation - he customises for each and every client engagement. One of his most customised sessions looks at the future trends that will shape your industry, your function and your region.

The content for these “Future of…” sessions can come from the extensive experience of the TomorrowToday team. But you might also want to consider commissioning a bespoke research report into your industry as part of the process.


TomorrowToday has a dedicated research team who produce reports based on our TIDES model of Disruptive change.  Here are a few examples (note that some of these are slightly dated - we can’t release our latest reports publicly, as I am sure you will understand):


This is the most customized of all Graeme's presentations and workshops

Contact him now to chat about what you and your team need to know about the future, and let Graeme and the TomorrowToday team blow you away with their ability to make sense of it all for you.

Take Home Value
  • Discover the acclaimed TIDES Model of Disruptive Change.

  • Gain insight into the external megatrends that will shape their industry in the next decade.

  • Uncover key internal disruptive forces that have the potential to reshape the rules for success and failure in their industry.

  • Learn how to respond to these disruptive forces.

  • Grow in their confidence in their ability to anticipate and prepare for change. 

  • Understand what skills and habits will be required for them to succeed and contribute in the future. 

Don't just Rebuild after Covid, rather Re-Imagine
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