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Understanding different generations: 
Own your past, know your generation, choose your future

Graeme Codrington and Sue Grant-Marshall, Penguin, Updated edition 2011 (originally 2004)

ISBN: 978-0143528418 | ASIN: B009TRAAAA

"Mind the Gap” is for you if you want to know why:  
Your 18-year-old son isn’t interested in being a doctor – he wants to save the whale; your grandfather gives you Big Band CDs for your birthday; your secretary knows more than you do; your grandson calls you Peter instead of granddad.

In short, this title aims to promote understanding between the generations. This is vitally important in all of our relationships, especially in the workplace. Application chapters focus attention on: work, marketing and advertising, leadership, teamwork, finances, parenting, education and training, “retirement”, travel, politics, faith, health, and home. Still a best selling book, with five star reviews!

Why Read It
  • A detailed introduction to understanding generations

  • A thick book (over 400 pages), but easy to read format

  • Apply generations to many different contexts, from family to work, and advertising to teaching

  • Fun: lots of interesting and unexpected fact boxes and “top ten” type lists

  • Prescribed reading for many workplaces and schools

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