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Five vital questions to shape your leadership in the 2020s

A few years ago, Keith Coats and Graeme Codrington, wrote a book called "Leading in a Changing World". The key theme of the book was that we need to be prepared for disruptive forces that are coming our way, even though we might not know what they are.


Covid proved that we were right about disruption. And our book has helped many leaders navigate the Lockdown. 

Now, though, we need to help leaders and their organisations deal with a world that has changed. This presentation or workshop looks at three key questions (and provides answers to each):

  1. What just happened (What has been disrupted? What has taken place,  what's going to be the lasting legacy of the disruption that we've lived through, and could we have done better to anticipate it)?

  2. What now? What do we need to rethink and unlearn.

  3. What next? How do we build adaptability into our systems, so we can deal with whatever disrupts us next?

This framework is focused on developing your team's capabilities and the capabilities of your leaders in particular.

If asking these 3 questions and making sure that you and your team unpack the answers and the implications of what leadership needs to do and what leadership needs to be in this changed and changing world sounds like something that would be valuable for you, then make sure that you connect. We'd love to show you how to lead in a changed and changing world.

Additional Resources
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This is the kind of book that execs really need and young emerging leaders need to read as they grow. It is based on solid experience and informed by great insight into our journey as individuals of significance.” – Amazon review.

Speak to us about getting including a personalised forward in the book (at no extra cost) as a great gift idea for both staff and delegates. 

Take Home Value
  • An appreciation for the bigger picture’ as to what is changing and why.

  • Understand the importance of context in shaping the leadership conversation, agenda and response.

  • Understand the key disruptive change drivers.

  • Have access to several practical contextual and leadership frameworks / tools to help shape their own leadership practice.

  • Feel motivated to be the type of leader who is a ‘broker of hope’ – based on an understanding of just why this is so important.

  • Leave with a clear understanding of what ‘I need to do next’


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