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The keys to building a culture that will thrive in times of constant change, unlock innovation and seize the opportunities the 2020s will throw at us. 

Every organisation in the world wants innovation - and now more than ever there is a burning imperative for them to deliver on this. The problem is that true innovation is so rarely achieved. Most organisations have been moving from year to year experiencing not much more than incremental growth and small change steps, and now in an era of Covid disruption they are struggling to react with anything more than a crisis mentality.

The TomorrowToday team have been identifying disruption and helping our clients prepare for it for nearly two decades. We have been predicting for some time now that the 2020s would be a decade of deep disruption. We just didn’t think it would be so big so early in the decade! And yet, as big as the Covid-19 disruption is for all of us right now, it is not going to be the last disruption you face in the next few years, and maybe it won’t even be the biggest.

For the past decade, we have been developing a model of innovation based on the frameworks used by the most innovative companies in the world. We have identified the core DNA elements these companies all share - and we can show your team how to establish them in your organisation. Now is the perfect time to do this - just when you need it most. Innovation in a Time of Disruption is filled with case studies and practical insights highlighting ten keys that can be applied by individuals, teams and organisations.


You don't want to just deal with the crisis when you can actually use this time of disruption to embed innovation into your organisation's DNA.


This is the age of disruption - that’s no longer a prediction, it’s a reality. It’s too late to learn about crisis leadership. The focus needs to be on how to deal with disruption, and how to set yourself and your organisation up to thrive in the world that will emerge after we’ve dealt with Covid-19. It is already becoming clear that we cannot wait for everything to “go back to normal”. In fact, the normal we had might be part of the problem. We need to start now to look for the new normal that will emerge in the next few months and years. TomorrowToday has now incorporated the Covid-19 health and economic consequences into our future scenarios, and can help your team discover where the world will go from here, and how you can find opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage in the near future. 

Content Overview
  • Brief introduction to the concept of exponential change, and an explanation of why innovation is so hard these days

  • Famous innovation methodologies, and why they have failed to deliver

  • Innovative companies and the importance of building a culture of innovation

  • The keys:

    • Everyone in your team must be an innovator – understanding the innovation process and the innovator’s DNA

    • Solve your CUSTOMER’s problems, not your own – ask the right questions

    • Measure all elements of the innovation system – not just the outcomes

    • Experiment more – and accept failure as part of the process – learn to fail fast, fail cheap and fail loud

    • Embrace difference – listen to all the voices, and embrace collaboration and open systems

    • Remove organisational constraints – the importance of agility

    • Look for Business Model disruptors

    • Start with the Quick Wins – develop momentum

    • Keep going – the importance of resilience and tenacity

    • Moonshot thinking – think 10X, not 10% – The power of a good story

Take Home Value
  • Insights into the ways in which the world’s most innovative companies ensure they keep innovating.

  • An understanding of the 8 key aspects of an innovation culture.

  • Knowing how every person in their organisation contributes to innovation.

  • Inspiration to deliver real innovation value. 

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