Work From Home 

The quick start guide for Coronavirus affected workers 

Just a few weeks ago, 'working from anywhere' was a luxury only a few lucky people had access to. Now, with Covid-19, it is an essential skill for all of us to consider. Maybe you've always wanted to work from home, and your company hasn't wanted you to. You now have a great opportunity to try and make it work, while doing your bit for 'social distancing' at the same time. 

Our team at TomorrowToday has 18 years experience working remotely. We are repurposing work we've done with our corporate clients into an online Quick Start Course to help people affected by the Corona virus. It will be ready by 20 March.


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Greg Orme, London Business School 

“Graeme is a dream to work with. He fuses creativity, client-focus and insight into the disruptive trends transforming business. He’s also a powerfully-engaging and entertaining speaker. If you get a chance, hire Graeme. Your programme participants will thank you for it.”


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