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How we build back better after Covid, and prepare for Covid's lasting legacies

It is unlikely that the Covid-19 disruption will merely be a footnote in 2020’s history. We are already seeing evidence that the pandemic is a global reset moment, which is likely to have a long-lasting impact on our world and the way we live in it. There are short-term implications, especially how we use our workplaces, as well as longer-term implications in every market, industry, and sector of society. 

We need to help our teams to stop waiting, or hoping, for the current disruption to be over so that they can 'get back to normal." 


We cover three things in this presentation or workshop: 

The first thing we want to do is to help you and your team to understand the nature of the disruption that we're living in, and what it means when systems change. 

Covid has accelerated and catalyzed many other disruptors that are going to come our way consistently for the rest of this decade, including digital transformation,  shifts in geopolitics, supply chains, and economics, and even climate change.

We are in for a decade of deep disruption and deep, disruptive change. You and your team need to know what's coming for you, your industry, your marketplace, and your organization.

The second, then, is how we respond to disruption.


We can't actually predict what's going to happen, except that we know it's going to be disruptive. Instead of trying to build certainty back into our organizations, we need to build adaptability into our organisation's DNA -  flexibility, responsiveness to change, agility, adaptability, and resilience so that we are ready for whatever does come our way.

We've been working with clients throughout the last year or so as they have become more adaptable in response to the covid crisis. We've got some great stories and case studies that we can share with you of how companies have been successful and what companies need to do to build that adaptability into their DNA.

The third thing is helping you to grasp an opportunity mindset instead of being stuck in a crisis moment. In other words - don’t wait for the disruption to be over and then only lift your eyes to the horizon. Disruption, in many different formats, is here to stay. When your team understands that and begins to understand what they themselves have learnt during the Covid disruption and how that has set them up for success in the rest of the 2020s, well, then you're doing something special with your people and organisation. 

The session is both inspiring and informative in its scope but has a practical emphasis on what you and your team should be doing now to respond to the crisis we are in, prepare for the future that is coming and build responsiveness into your DNA - so that you are ready for anything and everything the future holds for us.

Take Home Value
  • Understand how the world is changing, and the many ways - big and small - that will never go 'back to normal'

  • Engage in sense-making, with which you can build strategies and plans for the rest of the 2020s and beyond

  • Identify new areas of competitive advantage and opportunity

  • Learn how to ignite innovation, creativity and responsiveness at the most fundamental levels in your organisation

  • Recognise the skill set required to lead people through times of deep disruption

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