Don't just rebuild; Reimagine.
The lasting legacies of the Covid crisis & how to prepare for the rest of the 2020s and beyond

It is unlikely that the Covid-19 disruption will merely be a footnote in 2020’s history. We are already seeing evidence that the pandemic is a global reset moment, which is likely to have a long lasting impact on our world and the way we live in it. There are short term implications, especially how we use our workplaces, as well as longer term implications in every market, industry and sector of society. 


This session will present examples of those expected changes, and their implications for your business and life, in four key areas: (1) personal implications; (2) future of the workplace; (3) implications for communities and teams; and (4) global geopolitical and macroeconomic shifts. Armed with these scenarios, your team will be able to identify key areas of competitive advantage and will have the confidence to not merely rebuild what has been bruised and broken by Covid, but also re-imagine your future. 

The session is both inspiring and informative in its scope, but has a practical emphasis on what you and your team should be doing now to respond to the crisis we are in, prepare for the future that is coming and build responsiveness into your DNA - so that you are ready for anything and everything the future holds for us.

Same Planet, Different World’ presents a compelling framework with which to make sense of the world that is unfolding around us, and provides a platform on which you and your team can build your strategies and plans for the next few years. 

Four key areas of disruptive change

These are the four areas of deep disruptive change we are currently tracking. Each area has a related strategic question that we use to help you be more strategic in your thinking:

I: Personal implications. What has been your biggest mindshift?


We: Implications for our communities and teams. Who has been your neighbour?

Us (Work): Future of work implications. What is the workplace for... now?

Them (World): Global implications in other parts of the world.  What might we be missing?

Understanding these forces, and our responses to them provides the necessary foundations for developing adaptive and responsive strategies for the rest of the 2020s and beyond. 

Take Home Value
  • Understand how the world is changing, and the many ways - big and small - that will never go 'back to normal'

  • Engage in sense-making, with which you can build strategies and plans for the rest of the 2020s and beyond

  • Identify new areas of competitive advantage and opportunity

  • Learn how to ignite innovation, creativity and responsiveness at the most fundamental levels in your organisation

  • Recognise the skill set required to lead people through times of deep disruption

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