Our team at TomorrowToday has 18 years of 'work from home' experience - let us share it with you.

Many people have wanted to work from home in the past, but not been granted permission by their organisations. Now we have no choice, and have been forced to embark on one of the greatest experiments in workplace dynamics in human history: we now all need to work remotely as much as possible. The TomorrowToday team has been doing so for 18 years.


During that time we’ve had over 100 people across 5 continents working in virtual teams, all while never paying a cent in rental. This session will share the lessons we have learnt, both for individuals needing to set up home offices and leaders learning how to change their management styles for virtual teams. We identify solutions to specific remote working challenges, look at best practice for technology to assist the virtual working environment, and show you how to anticipate and overcome the biggest obstacles to making virtual teams really work.

For the team and the leaders

There are three key areas we need to consider in order to ensure that the work from home experiment actually works:

  1. Most importantly, actually, is a shift in mindset. The biggest mistake people and teams make is to simply attempt to "take the office home". They try and duplicate the office environment in their homes. Some people even get "dressed up" to "go to work" in their home office. While this might be useful for a short while, it betrays an incorrect attitude about what working from home is about. More dangerous and damaging is the approach of many managers and leaders who want to micro-manage start and end times, capture screen time or impose rules on their teams that would be more appropriate to a face to face environment. Our team at TomorrowToday will show you a better way to ensure you get the productivity and responsiveness you're looking for, and share the three critical mindset shifts that will set you and your team up for success.

  2. Only after we've dealt with these mindset shifts can we look at some of the practical realities of working from home and managing virtual teams. This session is filled with practical advice for both the individual in their home office, and the team dynamic of working as a virtual team. We look at everything from dealing with distractions to the technology implications of working remotely, and provide insights from our team's extensive experience over two decades of doing this successfully (and happily, we might add).

  3. Finally, this session focuses on the role of the leader/manager and the team members, offering valuable insights and practical tips on developing a new culture, and leveraging the existing corporate culture for maximum effect in the virtual space.

We are engaged in the greatest future of work experiment in human history. What happens if it works?

Our team at TomorrowToday knows that working remotely can be brilliant. And we are ready to share our success tips with you.

Take Home Value
  • Understand what it really takes to make a home office successful.

  • Move beyond survival mode to productivity, engagement and enjoyment of remote working.

  • Anticipate - and overcome - the most common mistakes and issues that virtual teams make.

  • Discover the most important attributes of successful virtual teams.

  • See what it takes to be a successful leader and manager of a virtual/remote team.