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Throwforward Thursday 69: The end of sex

More people - especially young people - around the world are choosing not to get married, not to have long-term relationships, not to have children, and to have less sex. No, it's not the time of free "drug, sex and rock 'n' roll" anymore. We are not predicting the actual "end of sex", but possibly a significant shift in sex "as we know it" today, with many opportunities emerging for sex toys, sex aids, sexual health and sexual fulfilment industries. There's nothing rude or crude in this video, but it might still cause one or two blushes to consider how sex might change in the future. If you're interested in even more insights, click below to download a PDF report our team put together a few years ago, called "The Future of Sex".

TomorrowToday - Future of Sex
Download PDF • 714KB

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