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ThrowForward Thursday 108: AI and Astronomy

Astronomers gather an astounding amount of data every day (well, mainly at night) in the form of photographs, radio, audio and spectral analysis from every part of the universe. You've no doubt seen the high resolution photos (here's the most high res one so far: ).

To analyse all of this data we need to use machine learning and proper AI - no human being or group of humans is capable of processing all of this data. In fact, astronomy has been using AI longer than most industries precisely because of this. This is what AI is really good for: data analytics powered by machine learning focused on massive data sets, looking for patterns and anomalies.

Read more about AI in astronomy (and make sure you follow the links in the footnotes and references):

* Astronomical big data processing using machine learning:

Next week, we'll look at the application of this approach to AI to your business and industry.

To ensure you see the full video next week, make sure you join the Futures Club:

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