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If social media can be trusted, a lot of my friends are getting their hair done, hosting dinners, meeting family and basically ignoring Lockdown.

I get it. I really do. We are all tired and worn out by Lockdown.

And now it’s up to us as individuals to engage with Covid-19. Make your own decisions.

But at the same time, a friend of ours has discovered this weekend that she has Covid. She’s a single mom in her early 30s, with diabetes as a comorbidity. She’s scared. I’m scared for her.

This is now our world: we need to think of people like my friend everytime we feel like breaking Lockdown rules. What will you feel like if one of your friends of family contracts Covid and succumbs to it?

If you’re happy to help out raising the orphans, then go and get that haircut. If you are able to support people who contract Covid and need to be off work for a few weeks, invite your friends around for a meal. If you’re prepared to support those who succumb to the disease, then go to church.

Otherwise, maybe you don’t know more than 207 governments and the World Health Organisation. Think of others, not just yourself, and then make whatever decisions you’ll be able to live with.

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