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New York has been a global hotspot for Covid-19, though now thankfully they seem to be flattening their curve. But in this past week they’ve seen a worrying phenomenon: people getting the disease and needing hospitalisation have been people who were staying at home and supposedly keeping themselves safe.

Some investigation has shown that these people thought they were safe by just staying at home, and were not being careful about mask usage, physical distancing, hand washing and limiting interaction with neighbours.

Please read this article. It is important and contains practical advice that could just save your life.

We all have to adjust our daily and hourly routines and incorporate a new mindfulness about our interactions with others and the world around us. The sooner we all do this the sooner we beat the disease and the sooner we can start opening our economies up again.

Opening our economies is partly a government regulation issue and partly a customer confidence issue - and that part is really up to us, so let’s each do our bit to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe.

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