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Lockdown Reflections Day 5

We all deal with stress and change in different ways. Some people are feeling quite tired at the moment - and they’re wondering why, since they’re mainly sitting around at home. For some people, dealing with change expresses itself in physical exhaustion and a need for sleep. Don’t fight it.

I’m not a medical expert, but please remember that if you’re fatigued AND have a fever, you should get yourself checked out. Ensure you know the symptoms of Covid-19 and know what to do if you suspect you might have it.

But many people will feel fatigued simply because you’re dealing with a lot of change in a short period of time. You don’t realise how much this takes out of you, and that sleep is both a natural and healthy response. And yes, you might still feel exhausted after a day of “doing nothing” at home. If nothing else, your brain is working, and it is developing new patterns and doing things it has never done before. And that can be tiring. Your brain needs - and uses up - energy, even if your muscles are not working.

You can sleep in during lockdown. And if you are able to, you should. It will help you cope. Of course, anxiety and worry can have the opposite effect, keeping our minds racing and our bodies wired. Sleep is part of the solution for this as well, although for those experiencing anxiety it might not be that easy to sleep well.

So, whatever works for you to get better sleep, lockdown is the time to focus on ensuring that you do. Speak to people around you about the need for this, and work together to ensure you all sleep better. Don’t be scared to try things you haven’t tried before around bedtime if you’re really struggling, or return to old familiar patterns that have worked before. Identify specific triggers for anxiety or stimulation that are keeping you awake and remove them (top tip: maybe back away from social media and the news a bit).

However you do it, sleep. It will help. And if you’re sleeping long and well, don’t fight or apologise for it. Your body is doing the right thing right now.

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