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LOCKDOWN REFLECTIONS DAY 47: Remember that you’re a decent human being

From a friend, Dr Lynda Shaw, who’s an actual neuroscientist and business psychologist:

“I'm seeing really lovely people acting out of character lately. Somehow resentful of others who seem to be in a 'better' situation. It's as if the lockdown has made those who now work from home more inward thinking, getting their own perceptions out of perspective. Lashing out verbally to others who only have good intentions.

It's understandable how isolation can distort our thinking especially when shrouded in fear for our health and livelihood. But it's such a shame that we allow the 'dark' side of our personalities (we all have them) to dominate.

That's one of the reasons I do what I do. I'm truly keen to show people that they can be in charge of their lives more than they realise. And this is done by understanding their own brain more.

A large percentage of the time we are in far greater control than we think possible and it's easier than you think.

Come on folks, allow all emotions, but remember what a wonderful decent human being you are. Let's ride this with empathy.”

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