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I am passionate about supporting and honouring teachers - even more so in this tough and trying time of Covid disruption. Those of us who have schoolgoing children need teachers now more than ever, and we need them to be heroes for our kids, to provide stability, support, empathy, growth and hope for the future.

If you know a teacher, please share this video with them to encourage them in the tremendously important task they have of shaping our children during a crisis, and please support them in the three key areas I talk about: rethinking the curriculum priorities, professional development of distance education skills, and looking after themselves personally.

The teachers who "get it right" this year will be remembered forever by the kids they teach.

And, in my mind, will be heroes just as much as the front line medical staff are. Our children need our teachers to shine right now. Let's give our teachers every opportunity to do just that.

And if you know teachers personally, please contact them today and give them a virtual high five, hug or bunch of flowers.

Also available at: https://youtu.be/XCYXYAgUNNU

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