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Lockdown reflections Day 12: How it will end

Some countries are now starting to end Lockdown. Austria is the latest to announce that their lockdown will end. But it is important to note three things with these countries:

1. All of them had to extend their initial lockdown periods.

2. The purpose of lockdown is not to eradicate the disease, but to flatten the curve. Once we see that the rate of new infections starts to come down each day rather than up, and we can see that our healthcare systems are coping with the new numbers of infections we have, we can begin to relax the lockdown.

3. Lockdown does not end suddenly. It eases out. Each country will decide what is essential for the next step. Austria announced garden stores, small shops, building supplies and hairdressers will soon be allowed to open. Two weeks later, shopping malls and bigger stores. But hotels remain closed until further notice. It will be a long time still before public transport returns to normal. And there's still a quarantine of 14 days on all international arrivals.

"The end of lockdown" is not an event, it is a LONG process.

And that means you need to get your head around the fact that there is a LONG way to go with this disruption. We are not just pausing for a few weeks and then "going back to normal". This disruption will last many months in one form or another, even when lockdown is eased. And the world will be changed forever. You need to start adapting now. Don't wait for the end of lockdown to start thinking about that.

Watch and share this short video to help everyone in your world understand this. Share it at:

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