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Fundraising for Autism Research

This is Rebecca. She's 14 years old, and like any teenager loves playing games on her iPad, watching movies, swimming and yoga. She loves music and will start singing lessons next year. She has a wicked sense of humour.

Rebecca has autism. She is my daughter.

She cannot read or write. She struggles to put her own clothes on. She can count to twenty (on a good day), but has no idea what the numbers mean. She is often overwhelmed by the world around her, and this can lead to meltdowns of crying, anxiety and screaming. 

Rebecca will never live independently.  And yet, she's one of the lucky ones: she can talk, she can understand what we say, she looks "normal", she can express some of her emotions, and feels loved. Other people with autism struggle much more.

We don't know enough about autism.


Parents and families dealing with autism don't have nearly enough support.

I would like to contribute to changing that, and I need your help.

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In April 2020, I will be running the London Marathon on behalf of the National Autistic Society. I have committed to raising £5,000 for them, but would love to double that.

Please can you help me to support Autism research and support by donating:

      Go to: 

Every little donation will help. If everyone who follows me on social media just donated 50p, we'd reach the target, so please don't think that a small donation is not helpful. Even the smallest amount will help. 

Please donate now.

Every cent of your donation will go to Autism research and support. 

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