Writing and research

Ladder loudhailerGraeme is a prolific writer of articles and blog entries, using these formats and his twitter feed to record his thoughts and daily readings and research. He has also published a number of books.

As an external faculty member of four international business schools (London Business School Accelerated Development Programme; Gordon Institute of Management Science (GIBS); University of the Witwatersrand Business School; and, Duke Coroporate Education, London), Graeme is constantly researching and keeping up to date with the latest thinking in his field of expertise. Graeme has a doctorate in business administration, but prides himself in his practical application of all that he has learnt and experienced.

Graeme is driven by understanding “why” the world of work is changing, and working with businesses to generate greater returns for all stakeholders. Together with the TomorrowToday team, Graeme works with a number of partners: internationally renowned research companies, such as GFK, and faculties at international business schools, such as GIBS and the Asia Pacific Leadership Program.

“Graeme brings to his sessions not only pertinent understanding of strategy, economies and generational differences, but also challenges members of his audience to bring about essential change in their approach to individuals and markets. I’ve seen this inspire leaders to create sustainable, profitable and ethical futures for their organisations. His professional approach and clear expertise brings immediate rapport with his audiences. This, coupled with the obvious backing of research for the content he presents, makes his presentations immediately worthwhile. The greatest impact of his sessions in my mind however is how he enables people to make the necessary decisions that lead to sustainable growth, at both an organisational and individual level.”
Dr Charlene Lew, CSP: Senior Programme Manager, Gordon Institute of Business Science