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Graeme speakingGraeme is one of the world’s top-rated speakers. He speaks and facilitates at over 100 conferences, strategy sessions and meetings, averaging more than 20 countries and over 100,000 delegates every year.

With a unique conversational style that combines cutting-edge graphics and multimedia with solid, researched content, wrapped in a gently rebuking humour, Graeme is able to both inform and inspire, and can connect with audiences of all levels and functions. But don’t take his word for it. See his client list and testimonials, or watch videos of him in action for yourself.

Graeme speaks about the future world of work. His research and background have a strong emphasis on technology, demographics, strategy and innovation. His goal is to help his clients – as individuals and organisations – understand the forces that are changing the world and learn how to proactively prepare for the future. Graeme will work with you to customise his content and approach for your event and audience. He has presented in over 50 countries and is known for his ability to work with people from diverse countries and cultures.

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“This was one of the best sessions we’ve had in the last 5 years. Graeme did a fabulous job presenting
important information in a very entertaining way. It was absolutely fantastic!”
Stephanie Porter, Director: Customer Programs, Amdocs Marketing Group

Presentations and Programmes

Graeme speaks on the future of work and the disruptive changes that are shaping it. His focus is on the intersection of people and technology. His insights are packaged as follows, but are always customised for every event. Click on the images or titles to drop down the page to additional information:

Future Trends


The TIDES of Change
The TIDES of Change

Five disruptive forces shaping
the new world of work
A Shifting World
A Shifting World

The trends that will shape
the world in the next decade
Tomorrows Technologies Today
Tomorrow’s Technologies Today

Remarkable technologies that will
shape the world in the next five years
Beyond the Hype
Beyond the Hype

Using Social Media to Connect,
Engage, and Transform Your Business

Demographics and People


Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap

Understanding and influencing
different generations
Gen whY
Generation whY

the secrets to getting the most
out of your youngest employees
Back to the new future
Back to the [New] Future

The surprising impact Baby
Boomers and 
Gen Y are about
have on the world of work
Rethinking Leadership
ReThinking Leadership

The new ABCs
of Leadership



Leading in a Changing World
Leading in a Changing World

The keys to world class
leadership in a new world of work
Implementing Strategy @ Speed
Implementing Strategy @ Speed

Ensuring your company is ready
to succeed in turbulent times
Leading Innovation
Leading Innovation

Creating and sustaining a culture
of innovation in any organisation
How to Think Like a Futurist
How to Think Like a Futurist

and why it is the key to your
business and personal success
in today’s fast moving world


Leading Diversity
Leading Diversity

The value of being different ‘for’
and not just different ‘from’ each other
The Enneagram
Roots & Routes

Using the Enneagram
personality profiling tool
The Talent Reboot
The Talent Reboot

Building a talented company full
of talented individuals in a new world of work
Future Proof Your Child
Future Proof Your Child

Parenting the Wired Generation

Read the headline summaries below, download PDF copies of the slides or contact Graeme to talk about your event. He’ll be happy to take you through the presentations and discuss how they can be customised for you.

Headline Summaries:

The TIDES of ChangeThe TIDES of Change – five disruptive forces shaping the new world of work

We live in turbulent times. The economic downturn of the past few years has been more than a financial crisis. As we slowly emerge from recession over the next few years, we will discover that political, corporate, social and personal rules for success and failure have all been rewritten. To survive and thrive in these uncertain times, it is essential that your whole team has an understanding of the forces that are reshaping your industry’s landscape. Based on detailed research into macro-economic, political and social trends, this programme will help you do just that – by focusing on five key disruptive forces that are going to change the way we live and work in the next decade. The five forces are: Technology, Institutional change, Demographics, the Environment and shifting Societal values. These are the T.I.D.E.S. of change. A guaranteed paradigm shaker, this powerful presentation or workshop overviews each of the trends, providing gripping examples, insightful case studies and powerful implications tailored for your business.

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A Shifting WorldA Shifting World – the trends that will shape 
the workplace in the next decade

This presentation or workshop presents the results of Graeme’s full-time research team’s latest research into the disruptive forces that are shaping the future of the world of work. The focus is on the workplace, and how we will change the way we work, connect and engage in the office. Learn about the key trends that will impact every organisation everywhere, and how these will affect your people. If people really are your most competitive advantage, then this session will give you the insights necessary to get the most out of them in the decade that lies ahead.


Tomorrows Technologies TodayTomorrow’s Technologies Today: Remarkable technologies that will shape the world in the next five years

We are entering a new ‘golden age’ of technology innovation, where the most remarkable advances are going to take place. We are no longer limited by our technology – the limits are more and more to do with our imaginations, our choices and our budgets. This presentation highlights some of the key forces shaping this new world around us, and especially those influencing the take-up of new technologies in society. It reviews some of the technology advances we are expecting in the next few years, makes a few predictions about others that could emerge, and then focuses in on the implications for your life, your job and your industry.

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Beyond the HypeBeyond the Hype: Using Social Media to Connect, Engage, and Transform Your Business

The biggest revolution we face in the next decade is a shift in how we deal with information. It has the potential to change how we buy, how we sell, our advertising and marketing, how we communicate, how we manage and lead and how we organise ourselves. The current rise of social media is just the beginning, and companies are only just starting to engage effectively with the significance of this new technology. What people want now is a way to engage with you – not just listen to you. As customers they want websites that allow interaction – they want you to listen to them, not just shout messages at them. They are drawn to organisations that offer transparency and engagement. As staff, they use their computers (and smart phones) not just for work, but as integral ways of managing their lives, and they want to be able to connect with colleagues and bosses in more immediate ways. This programme explains the drivers behind this shift towards social media, proving that it is more than mere hype and outlining key principles to follow in order to use social media more effectively in your organisation. By using a wealth of case studies, the programme provides real life examples of how companies are successfully using social media to enhance their businesses and grow their influence in their markets. This programme aims to go “beyond the hype” of social media and new technology, and provide both practical and strategic insights into how you can leverage the true power of social media to connect, engage, disrupt (if you want to) and transform your business.

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Mind the GapMind the Gap: Understand and get the most out of different generations

This multi-media, humour-filled presentation or workshop looks at why people younger and older than yourself see the world in such different ways, and how a generation gap influences attitudes and behaviours. You’ll discover how value systems are developed and how these influence the way we act and react to the world around us. By understanding the impact of different generations, inside and outside your organisation, you can improve customer relationships, and the productivity and interactions of your teams. Understand what shaped and formed Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Y, and why younger and older people – staff, customers, family and friends – have such different expectations and approaches to life, leadership, work and relationships.

By the end of the session, participants will: understand WHY younger and older generations think and act differently; know HOW to connect more appropriately to the underlying values that drive attitudes and behaviour of different generations; be more confident in their approach to younger and older staff and customers; have numerous practical ideas of WHAT to do to improve inter-generational connections, specifically relating to people strategy, sales and marketing; and have the ability and resources to take generational understanding back to the office and empower staff and leaders to understand and apply these insights. The session will can also be used to show participants how to apply generational theory to improve the effectiveness of multinational and multicultural teams, and the leaders who must lead and manage them.

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We have a number of specialist presentations and frameworks based on generational theory, including:

  • Mind the Sales Gap: Selling and marketing to different generations
  • Prime Time: How the Baby Boomers plan to retire – Boomers are set to revolutionise “life after 60″ and with it launch a new stage of life that has not existed before. This “silver market” is a golden opportunity – internally and externally in organisations. Discover the three ways in which Boomers will handle their elder years: they will retyre, rewire or refire. This has profound implications for organisational design, strategy and marketing.


Managing Generation YManaging Generation whY: the secrets to getting the most out of your digital native employees

There is a growing disconnect between the worldviews, expectations and career aspirations of the Baby Boomers (who fill most of the current top management positions in organisations) and Generation Y (born in the 1990s and 2000s, they are the workforce of the future). This new generation requires new approaches in recruitment, management, motivation, teamwork and more. It’s not about pandering to their every whim, it’s about helping them to make their best contribution to your organisation. It’s about meeting the challenges and expectations of the Gen Y workforce. Today’s young people are not just younger versions of you. They have different expectations of life and work. And as they enter our workplaces as staff and customers, they’re causing stress, shaking things up and bringing change with them. They have the potential to add energy, innovation and freshness to your organisation. But at the same time they can be distruptive, challenging and energy sapping.

This presentation or workshop examines the Gen Y mindset, including attitudes and approaches to lifestyles and careers. It looks at key demographics from around the world and how those impact you in your region, and why current employment templates clash with Gen Y aspirations. It will explain why they’re so different (and in which ways they’re not!), and provide invaluable insights for managers – helping them to get the most out of their young team members. We’ll explain why Gen Y thinks and acts as they do, and how they’re driving key workforce and career trends. You’ll discover what appeals to them and see case studies of organisations that are moving with the times and doing the right things, including practical tips to recruit, retain, and get the most out of the right talent.


Back to the New FutureBack to the [new] future: The surprising impact that Baby Boomers and Generation Y are about to have on the world of work

Right now, two different generations are shaping the future of work in surprising ways. The Baby Boomers, now heading into their 60s, are unlikely to retire – they’re going to be a very active, involved and engaged older generation, working well into their 70s as entrepreneurs and consultants. They control over half the world’s wealth and disposable income, and you need to have a strategy to connect with them as potential staff and customers. Their grandchildren, the Generation Y’s (now in their teens and 20s) are demanding flexibility, customization, up-to-date technology, and as informed and savvy consumers are notoriously difficult to sell to. This session will explain why these two generations see the world as they do, what you should be doing to connect more effectively with them, and how you can get the most out of them.

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ReThinking LeadershipReThinking Leadership: The new ABCs of Leadership

“Over the last two decades, the world has changed substantially. The economic, political, social, corporate, and personal rules that now apply bear scant relation to those applicable two decades ago. Different times require a different script” writes Kenichi Ohmae in his book titled, The Next Global Stage. In response to this changing reality this dynamic presentation explores three essential mindware shifts that need to be engaged if leaders and organizations are serious about the future. Understanding each of these mindware shifts will invite the right kind of personal and collective actions and conversations that will ensure your company achieves a competitive advantage in the new world of work.

“Graeme delivered a most thought provoking, interesting and engaging presentation the first event, so we invited him back…. twice! Each time he tailored his presentation to suit the different audiences, and each time they were enthralled, entertained and left contemplating his words how they can apply his new thinking to their own businesses. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Nevine Hunt, Customer Engagement Marketing & Event Planning Manager, Sabre

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Leading in a Changing WorldLeading in a Changing World: The keys to world class leadership in a new world of work

To be successful in the turbulent decade that lies ahead, leaders – and all the people they lead – need to learn to deal with complexity, uncertainty and constant change. To do this effectively we must understand the context in which we find ourselves, be confident in identifying, anticipating and responding to the change drivers that will disrupt our world in the next few years, and learn new habits to help us personally navigate the turbulence. This multimedia-driven, often humorous presentation begins by painting a vivid picture of the changing world that will affect every aspect of our lives, from work to home and everything in between. We will focus on three key drivers of change, namely: a changing world, a changing workforce and a changing workplace. From this platform three essential leadership habits for leading in the new world at home or in the office become clear: adaptive intelligence, a balcony perspective and conversations. This is not your standard “leadership” workshop. Rather, it is an eye opening session that will set you on a new path for personal and organisational success. Unexpected wisdom meets practical reality to inspire your next developmental steps.

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Implementing Strategy at SpeedImplementing strategy @ speed: Four essential characteristics of organisations that will be successful in turbulent times

As the world gets more and more complex and turbulent, the success of any organisation increasingly depends on their ability to develop and implement strategies – at speed. To do this, organisations need to keep their defining values in tact and steer towards the destination defined by their organisation’s vision, while at the same time learning how to constantly develop and implement new and adapted ways of reaching their goals. We don’t have roadmaps with a set of directions anymore, but we can develop a GPS ‘satnav’ ability to ‘recalculate’ our routes to success. Implementing strategy @ speed is a model developed from the combined findings of significant research projects and the experience of the TomorrowToday strategy consulting team. It helps leaders focus on four key factors and develop the capabilities their organisations need in order to be successful in a fast-paced and turbulent world.

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Leading InnovationLeading Innovation: Creating and sustaining a culture of innovation in any organisation

Almost every organisation in the world lists ‘innovation’ as a core value or key objective, and yet there is very little innovation on show as a result. The simple reality is that even though they have deep pockets and talented people, when most organisations come up with something new that captures their imagination they get their people working on it within the types of organisational structures (such as functional teams) that were designed to surmount old challenges – not ones that the new venture will face. This session is not about the mechanics of creativity of innovation, nor is it about the processes required to implement innovative ideas. Rather, it is about the leadership imperative to create the culture that ensures innovation is both continuous and embedded in the organisation. It challenges organisations to consider the resources, processes, values and leadership support given to innovation, and presents a mindset that will help companies actually achieve their stated goals.

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How to think like a futuristHow to Think Like a Futurist: and why it is the key to your business and personal success in today’s fast moving world

Go “behind the scenes” of the work and insights of a futurist. This workshop will share the four key steps required to scan the horizon of your industry and company’s marketplace, and show you how to spot the trends, cycles, patterns and systems that will impact you in the near future. Using a number of case studies from TomorrowToday’s work with top international companies, we will illustrate the value of watching the future, especially in a world characterised by change and uncertainty. You’ll leave inspired to spend just a little bit of time every day lifting your eyes from your day to day activities, and watching the horizon of your work and career. And by doing so, you’ll feel more confident to face the turbulence of the times we live in.


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Leading DiversityLeading Diversity: The significant value of being different ‘for’ and not just different ‘from’ each other

Difference matters. While the world is flatter and superficially more homogenous, surprisingly our differences have become increasingly important. The 21st century challenge for leaders is not how to manage or cope with difference, but how to leverage and lead diversity. Diversity is both an asset and a liability. When harnessed successfully, difference fosters innovation, develops resilience, boosts productivity, enables problem solving, and enhances morale in the workplace. When mishandled, difference results in communication breakdowns, misunderstanding and conflict, that can cripple everything from small teams to global business negotiations – this is mere variety. The objective of this programme is to make diversity a core strength for you.

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The EnneagramRoots & Routes: Using the Enneagram personality profiling tool

You lead out of who you are. Authentic leadership is always about character rather than personality and the context for leadership has shifted in the connected and globalized world in which leaders lead. Exercising leadership starts with personal mastery – it starts with knowing yourself and building on one’s strengths. Roots & Routes uses the Enneagram as a framework for cultivating the necessary emotional intelligence required to lead effectively into the future. This framework, based on ancient wisdom, provides profound insights into why we act the we do and therefore offers sharp insights as to ‘who we are’ and plots a clear path as to what we need to do next or, how best to go about personal development (mastery). It invites deep personal discovery and has profound applications when it comes to regulating all relationships – both personal and professional. Roots & Routes offers a framework that one can then continue to employ throughout life’s journey inviting ongoing discovery and growth. The Enneagram has been successfully applied to enhancing teamwork, developing leadership, mentoring, coaching, customer/client relationships and sales. It is a dynamic and powerful presentation / workshop, one that can transform your relationships and business.

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The Talent RebootThe Talent Reboot: Building a talented company full of talented individuals

Is it still appropriate to talk of a “war for talent”? Talent management is still crucial for business success, but the current focus and direction needs to change. The new talent focus needs to shift from individual talent to creating talented companies. Talented companies focus on having the right systems, procedures, values and supportive culture and their focus is on making the star system before they make star players. This session explores how a number of companies are getting this right and what talent themselves can do to maximise the opportunities for themselves and their company.

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Future-Proof Your ChildFuture-Proof Your Child: Understand why the world has changed, and how to respond as a parent of young children

Based on Graeme’s 2008 book of the same name, this presentation or workshop would be ideal as a “work life balance” focused session at a conference. More information is available on request.

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“Graeme’s talks are always inspiring and thought-provoking; his topic is well-researched and the message, although serious, is delivered in a humorous and informal manner. His presentations are always extremely well received by our audiences and his talks have certainly had a favourable impact on the way in which we conduct business. It is a pleasure to work with Dr Codrington and his professionalism (on and off the stage), together with his values, result in a wonderful working relationship. I can highly recommend him as a speaker.”
Allen Swiegers, Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte, Southern Africa

Please contact Graeme to talk about any of these presentations or workshops and how they can be customised for your event, conference away day or team meeting.

Graeme speaking at world management conference